All we want to do is to create fresh body treats that looks, smells and feels ah-mazing on the skin and mind. We believe that it's time that showers aren't meant to be just another daily routine. We want to make you look forward to your bath time again and step out feeling fresh and uplifted, ready to take on the day or to unwind at the end of it.


  At BodySlick, body cleansers and body treats are packed with skin-loving ingredients, made fresh in our studio. Our bars smell so good from our phthalate-free and paraben-free skin-safe fragrances. We believe in creating all our products with no nasties and only #clean ingredients. 

 Formulated with: Nature-derived ingredients, Ethically-sourced oils, Cosmetic-grade colorants (mica) and biodegradable glitter, Skin-safe fragrance oils and essential oils and Safe synthetics only where necessary (preservatives). 


Our Story:

It all started when avid soapmaker Caroline, and stressed-out-from-corporate-life skincare junkie Hannah, saw the need for better body cleansers and creating a shower experience that could literally melt the stress away or be totally invigorating and fun.

We were done with daily body washes that left our skin feeling tight and dry, so we set off to formulate soap-free (sulfate-free) body cleansers that our skin will actually love! Bored with the same powdery fragrances found in commercial soaps, we knew there had to be something better, fresher and a lot more fun. We set out to make that a reality!


 Passionate about effective skincare and being a total nerd with ingredients, Hannah set out on a deep dive on our formulation. making sure that we worked with the best labs and ingredients. Meanwhile, Caroline worked on perfecting the creation and compounding of our line of products.   

 So we spent a full year on R&D, sourcing only the best labs and suppliers and thoughtfully formulating every product in our studio. In December 2018, we held our first public launch at Westgate, Singapore!

  In 2019, it was more R&D and more formulations and we added so much more to our BodySlick line! 

Do you have a favorite yet or are you an o.g. Slick Bar lover?